Boarding School Fee Structure


When choosing a UK boarding school for your child, you will need to take into account the fees and school charges. The cost of a UK boarding education may initially appear high, but when you take into account the quality of the teaching, the small classes, the high level of care and supervision, the good accommodation and food, the excellent academic and sports facilities, and the numerous extracurricular activities, it represents a very cost-effective package.



Fees vary from school to school, the average boarding fees per term for pupils at senior boarding schools is £11,000. Prep boarding school fees are a little less, at an average of £9,000 per term.


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Fees are payable in advance and overseas account holders may be required to give a substantial deposit, generally one term’s fees. Fees are charged per term; invoices are sent out before the beginning of term, and the fees should be paid in full by the first day of term. Many schools offer a variety of payment methods, ranging from lump-sum payments to monthly direct debit. All schools require at least one term’s notice of withdrawal of a child, otherwise another term’s fees may be payable.


Fees will usually include tuition and most recreational activities, accommodation and food. Fees may also include basic laundry and textbooks, but uniforms will not usually be included. ‘Extras’ will be put on the bill for the next term, so be sure to find out what these may be before you incur additional expenses. Likely extras could be private music lessons, horse riding, dry cleaning and outings, such as theatre trips.