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Preparatory Schools

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 All prep schools offer the highest standard of academic education and provide an excellent foundation for future study.

Pupils aged between 7 and 13 years can attend their first boarding school, known as a preparatory or ‘prep’ school as the pupils are being prepared for senior school. Over 80% of prep schools are now co-educational, but over 60 cater exclusively for boys while about 40 take only girls. There are also choir schools, non-denominational schools and prep schools that specialise in dyslexia or other special educational needs. Some prep schools send their pupils on to a range of senior schools, while others are attached to a senior school to which most of their pupil’s progress.

The education specialists at Anderson Education will be happy to discuss your options. If you choose a prep school where pupils do not automatically progress to a particular senior school, we shall be able to recommend the type of senior school that might be suitable for your child, and talk over the various alternatives with you.

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