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Independent Sixth-Form & Tutorial Colleges | Anderson Education

The independent colleges accept students aged 16+ and, like school sixth forms, provide a bridge between school and university. Colleges vary greatly in their character. Some are fully residential with similar sporting and cultural facilities to those you would find in a boarding school, while others are day schools where students live in a shared house or with a local British family. Most are co-educational and many are multicultural, offering the chance to study and socialise in the company of a wide range of people from differing backgrounds.

"The one who did the most in this process was undoubtedly Anderson Education. I really want to thank you for guiding us through this whole process.  Living overseas, every expat family comes to a point where they need a person with experience such as yours to aid them with their children's future studies. I intend to recommend your services to everyone".

Independent colleges offer the same qualifications as boarding school sixth forms, such as A-levels and the IB, with many also offering GCSEs. Increasing numbers of colleges are also offering courses that are not available at boarding schools, such as University Foundation Programmes that prepare students for study at university. They use an intensive tutorial style of teaching – the small-groups and regular testing developed at the Universities. Like boarding school sixth forms, independent colleges provide an excellent preparation for life at university.

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