Boarding School Extracurricular Activities


The education of our children encompasses a much wider emphasis and extracurricular activities represent a substantial part of the educational experience, involving a full choice of clubs and activities that take place beyond the academic curriculum and usually outside the classroom. Every boarding school sees it as an essential part of the learning experience, offering students the opportunity to learn about life in its broader context: its challenges and opportunities, how to respond to successes and occasional disappointments. It also represents the significance of extra-curricular activities within the ethos of the School and the idea of a balance to be achieved between academic focus and recreational enjoyment.



Selecting a boarding school to suit your child is one of the most important decisions a parent can make. Anderson Education provided exceptional guidance and helped us to find a school that we are confident will provide our son with excellent academic instruction as well as develop important life skills. We are extremely pleased with the outcome. Many thanks!


Sport is one of the high-profile activities at boarding school. You will do some sport as part of your physical education (PE) lessons, but you can choose to do a lot more. In boarding schools, there are teams of different ages for many sports including netball, hockey, cricket, football, rugby and lacrosse. You can play tennis, badminton, squash and golf, and take part in athletics, gymnastics and swimming. Some schools also arrange horse riding, fencing, and sailing.  In a typical UK boarding school there are over 30 different activities from which to choose.


Music, drama and dance also offer opportunities for enjoyment. Schools arrange for specialist music tutors to visit pupils each week. Individual singing lessons are often available and every school has a choir, sometimes more than one.  All UK boarding schools stage drama and dance productions, and often there are several each year. Many schools have their own theatres with the same sort of lighting and equipment as in professional theatres.


A great many boarding school students participate in service activities such as The Duke of Edinburgh's Award which has various expedition, service and skill requirements. Some boarding schools have their own branches of national organisations such as the Scouts or Guides or the Combined Cadet Force (CCF).


Boarders have the added bonus of a range of evening activities to participate in these if they wish. Weekend activities, too, are open to all and can range from educational and cultural visits to the high-octane pursuits of theme park adventures and paintballing.


This is not only an important part of boarding life but also great fun!