UK Boarding Schools


A UK boarding school education ensures students gain good qualifications, confidence, independence and a breadth of interests - a true education for life!

The environment of a UK Boarding School is motivating, nurturing, caring and aims to give each child the opportunities to develop their personal talents to the full and achieve their academic potential.  One of the key features of boarding school life is the wide range of activities and experiences, which gives boarders the opportunity to develop skills and interests beyond the academic curriculum; these life skills and interests contribute to career development.


Planning early is a sensible approach, allow eighteen months to two years, to research, visit schools and make that important decision of selecting the best school for your child.
At boarding school, you are living in a community; until the sixth form, you will most probably be sharing a bedroom. However, what you lose in privacy you gain in companionship.
British boarding education remains a popular choice for many Forces families due to their requirement to remain mobile, and the disruption to education this can cause.
Fees vary from school to school, the average boarding fees per term for pupils at senior boarding schools is £9,895. Prep boarding school fees are a little less, at an average of £7,287 per term.
We have been delighted with the response we have had from families who joined us for the UK Boarding School Exhibition Online.
A UK Summer School experience will help you to improve your English language skills and give you the confidence to speak more fluently.