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News from a House Parent
I would like to take this opportunity to say what a lovely, kind and polite student Arshad is, you should be extremely proud. I feel that he has settled in very well and has already made a couple of lovely friendships with his fellow students. Arshad has really enjoyed the Saturday activities so far, such as baking and Christmas Craft. He also really enjoys watching movies with his friends and has visited the local supermarket with his friends each week. We have a boarders Christmas Party next weekend that will be lots of fun and I know the boys are already looking forward to it.

Harriet, House Parent for Longfield House

Communication with my family is always available...
Organisation, responsibility and presentation: these are some of the qualities this school has taught me in my first few weeks, it is a real home from home! I settled in immediately with support from lovely staff and fellow students. My family live in Bahrain and I haven’t lived in the UK for over nine years so it was a big move. The warm welcome (despite the cold weather) made it easy and it was a great start to my new adventure in England. Weekends are full of trips and activities and with permission I am allowed to explore the local area with a group of friends. Communication with my family is always available, via email, Skype and Facetime on my phone (outside of lesson time!). The mix of girls – Day Girls and boarders who are UK residents, international students and expatriates like me - develops an understanding of cultures and I approach the world from different angles due to these new friendships. I am so grateful for this experience!

Daisy - a boarder at Malvern St. James School for Girls

I think it is a fun place to learn...
I have now been a boarder for over a year and I think it is a fun place to learn. At first I was nervous about joining a boarding school, but everyone was very friendly and wanted to get to know me. They would ask lots of questions about me and my old school in Oman, which really helped me to make lots of friends. I enjoy the trips and activities, we go to the cinema, we have been to bubble football and I have even tried camping. I had never camped in a tent before, I have to admit, it was very cold, but it was great fun toasting marshmallows around the campfire.  I really enjoy History and Electronics. At the moment, I have almost finished making some speakers in my Electronics class, which I can use to listen to music. I find it very easy to keep in touch with my family and friends. We have free time in the evening to Skype our parents. It is great because there are private phone rooms for us to use if we would like to talk with our families; I like to stay in touch with my friends from back home, but I generally wait until the holidays to see them in person. I feel that I have changed a lot since coming to this school, I am a lot more independent and believe my academic work is improving. Here, we learn to understand things and I enjoy learning more!

Ahmad  - a boarder at Merchiston Castle School

I enjoy the independence and responsibility...
Moving to the UK after spending a decade in the Middle East was probably one of the more challenging tasks I’ve faced. Having lived in Dubai for many years, I constantly find myself finding similarities between the two polar opposites and succeeding in­­ ways you wouldn’t ever imagine. Being at boarding school has its ups and downs as would be expected. Personally, I enjoy the independence and responsibility that comes with being an international boarder. There are however things I often miss, like being able to see your parents each and every day, fast food and the hustle and bustle of a big city. Living in a house constantly surrounded by your friends can also have its pros and cons. It can be great fun and very useful for things like homework, but it can also be distracting. Then there is always the excitement of going home, back to the hot weather, pristine beaches and the comforting knowledge that a KFC is only a 5 minute walk away!

Fraser – a boarder at Cranbrook School

You gain a freedom often unseen in the Gulf...
The moments I have experienced and the life skills I have learned are forever remembered.  After living in Qatar for most of my life, yet being a British national, it was weird to finally be experiencing life in my home country. Being daunted both by the change in school structure as well as the change in environment, my expectations of my sixth form life were worrying. However, since being a boarder for almost a year and a half now, those worries were fruitless. As a boarder you experience a comradery you can’t experience in a day school, with the number of activities and moments you share together e.g. House events and socials, allowing you to form friendships for life. Furthermore, you gain a freedom often unseen in the Middle East, whilst also relying more on independence rather than reliance on others. From my experience, I have developed an improvement in my confidence as well as an increase in my maturity and responsibility. Being away from home was an upsetting part of the boarding process, however, the peers within your house as well as the housemaster, matron and tutors create a homely atmosphere and ease the pressure that comes with leaving home.

Ben - a boarder at Dean Close School

You build strong connections with friends...
Everyone looks after each other and that’s why I like it so much. We are a big but close-knit family. I moved to Monmouth because of the wide range of subjects on offer, including Latin.  I was worried about being away from my mum and dad in Saudi Arabia but I started to feel at home within a couple of weeks. Getting to experience a variety of cultures and customs has been very exciting.The staff and students are kind and supportive too. The staff are fun and talk to you regularly to make sure you are alright. It’s an adventure coming to a boarding school. The mixture of activities on offer, the commitment and dedication of the boarding staff, and the food are the best things. As a boarder, you build strong connections with friends which will, hopefully, last a lifetime. I am hoping to continue at the school and study for my A levels in the co-educational Sixth Form.

Rhiannon - a boarder at Haberdashers’ Monmouth School for Girls

I am never left with nothing to do...
I moved back to England from Abu Dhabi to start my boarding school life at Queen’s and am now in my second year of Sixth Form. Being a boarder, Queen’s quickly became my home – I am never left with nothing to do as boarding life provides a range of different activities such as trips to city shopping centres and paintballing.

Life at Queen’s is diverse with many different people from many different backgrounds making social interaction interesting and exciting. What attracted me to Queen’s was its fantastic Drama department. Not only do I have the pleasure of working with equally passionate staff and students, I also have the chance to work with the outstanding facilities. Being able to perform on a West End set or use a fully-functional studio with amazing tech features fulfils my passion for the arts. I had a major role in the Queen’s production of “Made in Dagenham”, which is by far the best production I have ever had the privilege to be involved in. I also have the joy of revisiting the school play for a final time this year in the form of William Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”.  Queen’s life, for me, is simply brilliant.

Michael - a boarder at Queen’s College, Taunton

There is always something going on...
I am from Kuwait and I am enrolled in the specialist music scheme here at Wells as a pianist. Being a musician at Wells as well as having a brother who has boarded here in the past, I feel that I am able to comment on both aspects of the school to show the unique and friendly environment we have here at Wells Cathedral School.  Weekend life for the boarders at Wells can be a great time to relax or have fun. There is always something going on, whether it be a sports match, a concert or something else. Inter house competitions are held throughout the year, for a range of difference things such as drama to sports. The schoolwork is most certainly of a high standard due to the wide array of staff who have excellent teaching methods conducive to attaining excellent exam results. The support system at Wells is truly something to marvel as it is something which covers both the pastural side of things in addition to academics and is something anyone in the school has access to. Wells has given me musical opportunities which I otherwise would not have been able to get had I stayed back home. For example, being able to take part in numerous competitions both in the UK and abroad, having masterclasses with world renowned musicians and being able to frequently perform at concerts inside and outside of school. At the moment, I am in the process of applying and auditioning to music conservatoires and without the help of my teachers, this would certainly not be possible.

Lulwa - a boarder at Wells Cathedral School

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