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St Davids College

St David’s College is an independent, co-educational boarding school providing support for students with dyslexia and additional learning difficulties.

learners of St Davids College

Students benefit from an inspiring fresh approach to learning, industry leading outdoor education and an excellent range of extra curricular activities. With small class sizes and highly trained staff, St David’s is able to take a tailored approach towards the learning style of each individual helping them achieve success.

The foundation of the school’s success is its ability to encourage students to achieve academic standards far beyond their expectations; especially those suffering from low self-esteem and poor self-confidence. The school as a whole manifests itself as a truly unique and inspiring environment, that nurtures every aspect of a pupil’s academic, social and emotional wellbeing.

Above all, students leave St David’s with unique personalities and individual strengths, having learned that developing the values of Honesty is appreciated, Respect has to be earned and Loyalty is returned; they also know that determination leads to success.


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