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Truro School

Co-educational Senior Boarding School

“There are people to talk to whenever I need somebody and there is enough time to work and play.”

 Truro School lies in the heart of Cornwall - just five hours by coach from Heathrow - with 300 miles of coastline, beaches for surfing, moors for walking, Tate Modern at St Ives and a thriving social scene.

Truro School students having fun on the beachThe School offers a happy and well-ordered atmosphere in order to ensure the best support for pupils against the pressures they will face and to help them cultivate the self-confidence so crucial in adolescent development.

High quality teaching helps each pupil realise their academic potential so that they take the best possible results into a qualification-conscious world but, equally, pupils are encouraged to acquire skills, confidence and leadership qualities through participating in a range of cultural and physical activities and taking on a variety of responsibilities. With a clear focus on delivering a creative, innovative and progressive education, every student is valued as an individual and the School supports them through their development into young people who are ready to influence the world as global citizens. Founded in 1880, Truro School is a Christian School with Christian values that permeate school life.

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