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Monkton Combe School

Co-educational Prep & Senior Boarding School
"One parent said, ‘I thank my lucky stars every day that I found Monkton.’ These boys and girls go on to do well and to do good.” Good Schools Guide

Monkton is an independent co-educational boarding school situated in beautiful countryside just a mile from the World Heritage City of Bath. We provide an education for 750 pupils aged 2-18, from all over the UK and abroad.

Monkton Combe School girls rowingA remarkable boarding culture

Our outstanding pastoral care, strong moral framework and culture of service to others make us an ideal choice for
parents looking for a school that will nurture and challenge their child spiritually, emotionally and socially as well as developing their academic potential to the full. Our students work hard and are well motivated, being supported and encouraged through the care and enthusiasm of our gifted teachers, who are committed to delivering lessons that are lively and enjoyable, as well as being rigorous and demanding.

A full weekend programme

Over 50 extracurricular activities run 7 days a week and provide immense enjoyment and pleasure but are also key
to character development.

Outstanding facilities

Facilities include, a new Art and DT centre, a new music centre, Maths & Science facility, an elite rowing centre and new
Netball courts.


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