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Rendcomb College

Our mission is to develop thoughtful, adventurous and academically ambitious young people who are life-long learners. We aim to prepare them with the character and skills to succeed in the everchanging world after school. Our pupils have the freedom to experience, explore and enquire about the world around them. We aim to encourage independence and tolerance in a safe, caring community and magnificent natural environment.

Students at Rendcomb CollegeTo achieve this we will promote a growth mind-set, where abilities can be developed through dedication and hardwork; Provide a co-curriculum that will challenge and support character development, leadership and teamwork; Encourage individualism, creativity and contribution to a nurturing and collaborative community; Engender physical, spiritual and mental well-being through a strong pastoral system; Prepare pupils for a life beyond school; Develop an appreciation for and responsible attitude towards their environment and surroundings.

Examination Results 2016

A Levels: Triple A Average GCSE: Half of grades A* or A 95% made it into their chosen university, including Oxford, Bath, Exeter, Imperial College, London and Loughborough to name but a few.


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