Q&A Fact File: Windermere School



What happens if my child is struggling academically?

If a child is struggling academically they will be offered extra support outside the classroom. Their tutor will support them on a daily basis with set tasks and they will be reviewed to see what needs to happen to help them ie drop a GCSE subject etc.

 Who would be the first point of contact if I have a concern about my child?

Their tutor, who will direct and assist accordingly. Every child has a tutor in a small group of approx 8 students. This tutor is their mentor, buddy and guide. They meet 3 times a day.

 My child is very keen on Music and Drama and not so much on sport how will you support them?

Up to Year 10 Music, Sport and Drama are all part of the curriculum. From Year 10 they can choose Drama or Sports for GCSE and the same for IB. There are numerous after school activities that will also support their interest and passions.

 Do you offer transport from the airport?

Yes it is by school minibuses and charged at £35 per trip on the designated school travel day.

 How often can my child contact me?

Before school in the morning and after 5.00pm on weekdays; anytime at weekends.

 What makes your school special?

Windermere is located in a UNESCO world heritage location and is an amazing place to develop and grow. The school is academically non selective but has among the Top IB results in the UK, consistently above world average score. Windermere is the only school to have a British youth sailing centre on site. We offer small class sizes and very strong pastoral care.

Questions answered by Jane Gallon, Head of Admissions & Marketing

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