Q&A fact file: West Buckland School



Can I visit your school this year?

Yes. However, currently we have to comply with whatever the UK government COVID regulations are at the time of your visit, so you may be limited as to the number of buildings that you can enter and the number of people you can meet.  Wherever possible, we will facilitate online meetings with senior staff and we hope that face to face meetings will resume from June. However, we would suggest you contact our Admissions team to find out more.

What do the children do when lessons are over?

Lessons finish at 4pm and there then follows an hour of sport or clubs. Following boarders’ tea, there is a compulsory supervised homework period until 8pm. From 8pm to 9.30pm students can take part in sport or other activities. There is a huge range of activities to choose from including swimming, sport, music, cookery, sewing, fitness sessions, martial arts, kayaking, art, singing and cinema club. For the younger year groups, phones are handed in to the houseparents before bedtime.

How do I know the school will challenge my child academically?

West Buckland has a strong academic record and a tried and tested support structure that ensures that all students receive the level of tuition that is appropriate to their ability. Our streaming system in core subjects such as maths, English and modern languages ensures that students learn at their own pace and our high achievers programme is designed to stretch and enthuse the most academically able. Equally, our Personalised Learning Department offers small group and individual support to those needing extra help in core subjects.

Can I be sure my child will make friends?

West Buckland School, by the nature of it being like a campus university in a rural location, is very much a community and, as such, students of all ages feel well looked after by both staff and students. New students will get a buddy, on arrival, who’s job it is to not only show them where everything is but to integrate them into the class. The boarding houses are small and friendly and very much a home from home, so that students within each house form very strong bonds with their fellow housemates.

Do you have exeat Weekends?

No, West Buckland has no set exeats. Boarders can request to go out for a weekend but most will only leave school over half term and in the holidays.

What makes your school special?

West Buckland is lucky enough to have the finest facilities for art and design in the South West of England and arguable some of the finest in the country. With the support of one of the world’s most famous living artists, the building was designed to offer spacious, light and vibrant working spaces for creative minds and has attracted a team of inspiring and talented staff to work there. Students come to us from all over the world to study art and will go on to some of the finest art colleges and universities.

Questions answered by Mrs N J Muir, Marketing Manager