Q&A fact file: St Edmund’s School



My child is a talented musician, how would you support them?

St Edmund’s has the expertise, flexibility and resources for aspiring performers to excel at every level – from the youngest pupil in Pre-Prep to the highly skilled A-level musician. Our programme of instrumental, vocal, theoretical and class tuition makes full use of generous rehearsal and teaching space equipped with the latest music software, dedicated practice rooms, a recital hall, music technology suites and a music studio. Music groups cater for every preference, with Performance Consultant John Harle and the Tippett Quartet providing additional high-level musical support. Inspiring musical achievement is one of our core values, and our exam results are very strong. Suitable pupils are encouraged to attend the London junior conservatoires, and St Edmund’s pupils – such as the international concert pianist Freddy Kempf – frequently go on to successful musical careers. They also represent the school in music competitions and ensembles such as the National Youth Orchestra, National Children’s Orchestra and the Kent Youth Choir. Musical life is enriched by regular Music Scholars’ trips, masterclasses, workshops, lunchtime concerts, major termly concerts and the Carol Service in Canterbury Cathedral; we are also proud to educate the choristers of Canterbury Cathedral at St Edmund’s.

Can siblings share a room?

Yes, if this is the families wish and they are in the same school (i.e. if they are a year above or below). To maximise their experience, we advise pupils to share with another Nationality. This helps their language skills.

What would happen if there was a family emergency, could my child come home?

Of course, our staff will help facilitate this request and all Boarding pupils will have an educational guardian to assist.

Can I be sure my child will excel academically?

At the heart of our educational philosophy is a sharing of the joy of learning which, along with our insistence on ambition, helps to make our pupils the very best they can be: creative, active learners well equipped to shape their futures and those of others. The curriculum is broad and sufficiently flexible to give all the opportunity to excel. No less importantly, our approach to learning pushes pupils to be curious – to learn to solve problems, develop new perspectives and, through creativity, to influence how others think, feel and live their lives. Within our examined curriculum, we provide stimulation, structure and support in order to prepare our pupils for public examinations. Success in these is key to pupils’ futures and so a crucial educational aim, although we also teach beyond the prescribed curriculum in order to broaden the intellectual horizons of our pupils. Co-curricular courses, including project work and other forms of academic enrichment, are an important component of a St Edmund’s education.

At St Edmund’s we work together to make sure everyone feels happy, supported, understood and confident. We get to know our pupils as individuals, and are committed to getting the best from every pupil. An enhanced learning profile is created for every pupil that joins us. When necessary, pupils are assessed to identify additional learning needs and our specialist team puts support in place. With the right intervention at the right time, we know that all children can genuinely enjoy the rigours of academic life. Pupils develop at different rates, so the curriculum is flexible and varied to ensure that they can all enjoy learning and are able to reach their full potential. The Department of Learning Enhancement works closely with subject teachers to differentiate for individual learning needs and preferences.

My child doesn’t like sports, what else do you offer?

We offer such a wide variety of sports that most pupils find one they like and can excel at. With over 30 different co-curricular activities on offer there are lots of other activities to inspire your child. At St Edmund’s we encourage all of our pupils to make the most of the opportunities that we offer.

What makes your school special?

The school has a long-established reputation for outstanding pastoral care. This is our starting point. We believe if pupils feel happy, secure and supported at school they will naturally benefit from our outstanding educational opportunities and enjoy the wealth of stimulating extra-curricular activities on offer. We also look to develop the whole person. Our dynamic sports provision, extensive activities programme and exciting range of outdoor education opportunities enable pupils to develop vital qualities such as leadership experience, inter-personal communication, the ability to work in teams and empathy for others. In consequence, our school produces remarkable young people. Pupils leave St Edmund’s as assured, articulate, thoughtful individuals who possess a strong social conscience. Furthermore, creativity flourishes here. Our Drama, Music and Art departments are renowned for their outstanding achievements. However, creativity is celebrated across the whole curriculum, as innovative teaching and small classes encourage pupils to think independently and express themselves with confidence and originality.

Questions answered by Victoria Stears, Director of External Relations