Q&A fact file: Moreton Hall



My child is a talented musician, how would you support them

With more than 400 instrumental lessons and choir practices each week, and an ambitious schedule of performances and competitions throughout the year, music is an integral part of life at Moreton Hall. Each year brings new musical performance opportunities including music festivals, musical productions, ensembles and concerts as well as our regular overseas trips to venerable venues such as St Mark's Basilica in Venice and St Nicholas' Church in Prague. Lessons are supplemented with the Lady Barbirolli Society, which is dedicated to the celebration of music and features guest lectures and masterclasses by professional musician

Can siblings share a room

Boarding houses are allocated to specific age groups so unless siblings are twins, they would be in different Houses. However, they are able to visit each other freely.  The Houses are all located on the campus very close to each other.  All students eat in the same dining room so there is no problem if siblings wish to have meals together sometimes. 

What would happen if there was a family emergency, could my child come home

Yes, of course.  We would help them make the necessary arrangements, in conjunction with their guardian, to fly home and would escort them to the airport. 

Can I be sure my child will excel academically

All pupils will be supported and encouraged to reach their full potential.  Very academic students will be stretched and less academic students will be  nurtured and guided.  Our school always ranks highly for Value Added.  Value Added tables measure how much progress a student makes during their time at a school and give a better indication of how good the teaching is and how a student is supported, particularly important for overseas students.  Academic success and extra-curricular achievement is valued equally. We believe that our unique and bespoke provision allows us to achieve those aims very successfully.

My child doesn’t like sports, what else do you offer

We encourage students to develop a curiosity for trying something new and there is a broad range of activities on offer with our extensive co-curricular programme, including Model United Nations, Debating, Drama, Music, Art, Cooking, horse-riding, kayaking, Moreton Enterprises for budding entrepreneurs, Science and Medical Society

What makes your school special?

The relationships between staff and pupils that underpin our close-knit school community are truly extraordinary.  Each pupil is known, heard and seen, and encouraged to be their very best, no matter what their talents or interests, by all members of staff.  There is a virtuous loop of mutual respect between staff and pupils, and as a result, students are happy at school and give their all.  It’s what we refer to as the “Moreton Magic”: a joyous, close-knit family environment where everyone feels valued and free to be themselves, coupled with high aspirations.   

Questions answered by Kelly Parsons, Director of External Relations