Q&A Fact File: Giggleswick School



How many international students does your school have?

Of the 340 students in the Senior School, 20% of them are international students from 13 countries. A wonderful cultural experience for all students and staff.

How do we know our child will do their prep if we are not there to encourage them?

Each boarding house has a Housemaster or Housemistress, along with a resident tutor, prep is supervised at all times and support is on hand should a student require additional assistance with their prep. There are two sessions of prep that students must attend; one is at 16.45 – 17.55 before Tea and another at 19.00 -20.15. All students are expected to work to their prep goals which are monitored by the teaching staff and house staff, we have an ‘attitude to learning’ system to reward their progress which the students engage with, in order to demonstrate their engagement in lessons and prep. Each student can receive credits for their engagement in lessons and the quality of their prep. There are vouchers and certificates they can be awarded and outstanding work is displayed within teaching areas around school. Students are also encouraged to show the Headmaster their outstanding work so that he is personally aware of their progress and achievements.

What percentage of the total on roll are boarders?

64% of the students are either full boarders or flexi boarders and are both British and International.

What is the largest group of one nationality ?

The largest group is German students, but we do not exceed the capacity of 20% for any one nationality.

Who will they share bedroom with?

They will share a room with a nationality that differs from their own, we do have single, double and triple shared rooms. The shared language is English, therefore the English levels improve significantly by not sharing a room with a student of the same nationality.

Do you have Exeats?

Students in Year 9 or above may stay at school for an exeat weekend, an overnight charge is made to contribute to the cost of food and activities. It is extremely beneficial for all students to have a break from school to stay with friends or guardians, but if it is not possible then they can stay in school.

What makes your school special?

It is a true British boarding school experience with only 20% international students and very small class sizes with EAL trained staff. We were founded in 1512 and located in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales with excellent transport links, providing a unique, healthy and stimulating environment with over 80 co-curricular clubs to choose from each week. We have exceptional Performing Arts, Art & DT, and Sports Departments with modern facilities. Our boarding houses are home from home and have dedicated House Staff and resident tutors. We also offer our own International Summer School with 18 hours per week intense English, alongside the educational, creative and sports activities. It is a 6 day week school which promotes a close knit and vibrant boarding community and supremely dedicated staff, ensuring that each student can maximise their potential academically, socially and culturally.


Questions answered by Nicola Elner, Admissions Registrar

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