Q&A fact file: Dover College



My child has a learning need, how would you support them?

It is important to point out that at Dover College we can cater for a mild level of learning needs. Here is an extract from our recent Good Schools Guide Review: “Parents raved about the learning support, which here is called Individual Needs. ‘Sending our children here was the best thing we ever did,’ ‘The help we get for our son and his dyslexia has just been above and beyond.’”

Are Drama and Music strong at your school?

Yes, very strong, not only in Drama and Music, but Art and Media too. Creativity is at the heart of our curriculum and we embrace the arts. Pupils are encouraged to take part in concerts, recitals and competitions. Our choir is particularly strong and in addition we offer LAMDA classes. In addition, the introduction of Creative Digital Media in September 2018 has been an extremely positive addition to our provision. Here is an extract from our recent ISI report: “Pupils demonstrate excellent creative skills in a range of artistic, musical and drama activities. Senior musicians perform in a number of notable external orchestras and ensembles, the artwork on display, and seen in class, is innovative and of high quality, and the creative design work when producing short videos was highly thoughtful and also very innovative.”

How many boarders do you have in the school at the weekend?

About 95% of them as only a handful are weekly boarders and we do not have exeats.

What do boarders do at the weekend?

On Saturdays we have activities and excursions. This could be a museum or theatre trip, taking part in a sports fixture, or doing something active such as paintballing or climbing. Sundays are a quiet day to spend with housemates, and baking is a particular favourite with regular bake-off competitions!

Is your school suitable for academically able students?

Yes, we have Gifted & Talented provision. We are a non-selective school and so our teachers have experience of encouraging pupils of all academic abilities.

What makes your school special?

Our warmth and inclusivity. Dover College is a small school in which all pupils soon become an integral part. Our boarding houses are like extended families and this is another extract from the ISI report: “Boarders at all ages demonstrate high levels of self-confidence and resilience. The strong sense of belonging in the boarding houses encourages boarders to work together to maintain harmony in their house communities.”

Adventure, Leadership and Service. Another extract from the ISI report: “Pupils readily exhibit respect and tolerance for other cultures. They show no discernible prejudice and are genuinely interested in each other’s traditions and enjoy sharing their different celebrations. The pupils spoken to demonstrate a clear understanding that the diversity in their school’s community was central to the school’s ethos and success.”

Finally, another extract from the Good Schools Guide Review: “Excellent value for money, something we don’t often say in our line of work; sending your child here will genuinely set them up. But also a place that is human in its outlook, healthy, kind, and vigorous in its quest for excellence. As one student put it, ‘I love it at this school, and I feel privileged to be here.’”

Questions answered by Alison Wilson, Registrar