Q&A Fact File: Dauntsey's School


How many international students does your school have?

We have 65 international students at present.

Who does my child go to if they are upset or home sick?

The house system is the foundation of our pastoral care and each pupil has a tutor who is responsible for their pastoral welfare and academic progress. Tutors are assigned to one of the 12 houses and typically, within a boarding house, are responsible for 8/9 tutees. The tutor is the first port of call for any issues raised by a child, parent or staff member. Other sources of support include our Medical Centre , staffed by our nursing team 24/7 and home to our two school counsellors. Pupils can self refer to a counsellor and the counsellors also visit the houses so they are known as a friendly face to pupils. We also have a student run Listening Service where pupil volunteers receive training from the counsellors and are available at set times to listen to any pupil’s concerns or worries. Each new pupil is appointed a current pupil as a“buddy”, in the same boarding house to offer an instant friend and someone with whom to share similar experiences.

How do I know they will make friends; are the students supportive of one another in the boarding house?

Yes, the students are very supportive of each other. The Head Master prioritises kindness to each other above all and Dauntsey’s is a very warm and friendly community

Who will help my child with their university applications?

We have a very active Careers Service, staffed by experienced Careers Advisors. They are in regular touch with university admissions departments, organise careers seminars and events throughout the year, and manage our Careers Mentor Network which draws on the support of hundreds of former pupils and parents who can provide in depth university and industry advice.

What makes your school special?

We offer our pupils challenge and inspiration both inside and outside the classroom. Academic success is at the heart of all that we do, but our ethos is about much more than exam grades. Our extensive adventure education programme encourages pupils “to have a go”, try new things and so develop their self-confidence and self-belief and develops important life skills, such as resilience, communication, creativity and teamwork. Our school community has a culture of kindness and mutual respect and consequently, Dauntsey’s has a uniquely lively and friendly atmosphere.

Questions answered by Joanna Sagers, Registrar

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