Q&A fact file: Christ's Hospital



Do you offer scholarships or bursaries; how much of the fee will they cover?

We offer scholarships for academic excellence and for outstanding ability in music, art, drama and sport. Scholarships of up to 20% are awarded to pupils who are entering the School at Year 9 and Year 12 also to existing pupils who are moving into Year 9 and Year 12.

Will the school be back to normal in September?

We are planning for the School to be back to normal in September.

What importance do you place on academics?

The School has an impressive history of high academic achievement with an average of 10 pupils each year taking up places at Oxford or Cambridge, and 98% of leavers going on to top universities in this country and abroad.

What is the largest group of one nationality in the boarding house?

We have 900 pupils at Christ’s Hospital and 12% of these come from overseas. There are 18 boarding houses  each with a mix of UK and overseas pupils.

My child doesn’t like sports, what else do you offer?

The School’s diverse broader curriculum encourages life-skills and provides over 60 activities for our pupils to choose from alongside our excellent sporting programme. 

What makes your school special?

  • Christ’s Hospital is the only co-educational “Full Boarding” school in the south of England
  • Our international pupils always feel part of a big community 7 days a week
  • The pupil population is exactly 50% male and 50% female
  • As well as having a full 7-day programme of academic/sport/music/arts activity, the pupils benefit from having the school staff living on site, meaning that support is always available
  • Our international parents welcome the high proportion (88%) of UK pupils
  • Founded in 1552 by King Edward VI, Christ’s Hospital has many interesting historic traditions including a unique and famous uniform
  • Christ’s Hospital has a very strong global alumni network

Questions answered by Clare Phillips, Director of Marketing, Christ’s Hospital