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Q&A fact file: Cheltenham College

What importance do you place on academics?

Academics is at the heart of life at Cheltenham College and all the sport and co-curricular activities compliment the academics, rather than competing with it. All pupils are supported and given the tools to develop positive character, a genuine curiosity for all subjects, to be creative and to achieve continuous excellence. This ensures that whatever a pupils’ interests and passions, they will achieve their full potential. Cheltenham College pupils regularly gain between 75 and 80% A*-B at A-Level and last year 20% of all GCSE results were Grade 9.

What is the largest group of one nationality?

As Cheltenham College is a Full Boarding School with 90% Boarding and 80% Full Boarding, we attract a lot of interest from overseas and over 30 nationalities are represented within our Community. This year, overseas pupils represent just under 20% of our pupils. After British, the largest nationality is Chinese but all nationalities are fully integrated throughout the Boarding Houses and are supported by our Director of Internationalism and his team.

Who would be the first point of contact if I have a concern about my child?

Before arrival all enquiries should go to the Admissions team. Once a pupil has arrived there is a large team of staff that look after each pupil within the Boarding Houses. Every House has a Housemaster or Housemistress, two other Residential Staff and a matron. The first point of contact would be the Housemaster or Housemistress and your child’s tutor as they will be keeping a close eye on their welfare and academic progress.

My child is very keen on Music and Drama and not so much sport. How will you support them?

As we are Full Boarding, we have a huge amount of time to ensure that all interests and abilities are catered for. The Music department runs all types of orchestras, bands, instrumental groups and choirs for all abilities. One pupil won Gloucestershire Young Musician of the Year in 2019 and there are over 300 music lessons taking place each week. Opportunities for all to be involved in Drama is plentiful with 14 plays a year ranging from the Scholars’ play through to the inclusive House plays. Each part of the curriculum is given a protected window in the weekly calendar so pupils can take part in everything. All pupils participate in sport as part of a healthy lifestyle is important and teams and fixtures are run for all levels of ability.

How many children go to Oxbridge or Russell Group?

Over 75% of pupils gain a place at Russell Group Universities and on average 6-8 pupils gain places at Oxbridge.

What makes your school special?

Our school is a strong community based at the heart of a Cotswolds spa town. Without doubt our sense of community ensures that all overseas pupils that attend Cheltenham College feel part of the school and achieve their full potential whilst also enjoying their time at school. Pupils leave Cheltenham College with good grades but more importantly the skills that ensure they are able to succeed at University and contribute positively to the global world in which they live. Finally as one of the few remaining Full-Boarding Co-Education schools in England, we provide a full 7 day programme that ensures overseas pupils are fully integrated and fully involved all of the time.

Questions answered by Simon Conner, Registrar, Cheltenham College

Posted: 18.06.2020

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