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Come and talk to us for free information and advice, this is an informal session, no appointments are necessary. We have a range of school prospectuses and the UK Boarding School Directory to give to you; we help and support you through every step of the process from recommending schools to short listing, visiting and registering at a school.



The Information Day is promoted and supported by the British Council, British Business Group, British Schools of the Middle East and The Club.


We will be forever grateful... after 9 years in Abu Dhabi, I got a call "you need to relocate to Houston”. Normally, this would have been an exciting time for the family who would have relished the opportunity to go somewhere new. However, with just two days before the start of the autumn school term, where our son was about to start his A levels, the panic set in as we appreciated the challenge ahead and we felt our lives had been turned upside down.
We contacted Sue Anderson Consultants, they were recommended by a friend who had recently used the service. We were asked to complete forms describing our children, their likes, chosen subjects and other information to help narrow the search; within 36 hours we had been provided with a list of schools and interviews were arranged at four schools that met our specified criteria.
Nine days after I received the phone call to relocate to Houston, my son and daughter started their new school. We are extremely happy with our selection, in fact given one year’s notice we would have made the same choice, but to arrange and process the application within such a short time period truly exemplifies the professionalism and diligence of Sue Anderson Consultants, we will be forever grateful - Ian, father of Jonathan and Klara


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