The role of the education consultant


As education specialists we are the best people to offer you free help and advice, we help and guide many families, living in the UK and overseas, to find the best boarding school for their child. We have visited over 350 UK boarding schools, when we visit we are looking for what is special and unique about each schools, we are then able to match this with your child’s strengths, skills and talents. We receive enquiries from families living and working in many parts of the world, the first thing we do is arrange to meet the family or talk to them on the phone.



Our aim is to find out as much about you child as possible, academic level, favourite subjects, interests in art, music, drama, sport etc., do they have any medical problems or learning difficulties, and finally do you have friends or family living in the UK. We will then recommend schools that meet the individual needs of each child and the family. We select 6 or 7 schools, contact the schools and ask them to send you full information, when you have had time to look at this information, we suggest you choose 3 or 4 schools and we can arrange appointments for you to visit the schools.


We are always here to answer your questions and help you every step of the way to make that very important decision for the education of your child’s future.


"We truly understand what today’s busy parents need in order to find the right school for their children. With an experienced team of professionals, we are here to help and guide you every step of the way”.


Further points for consideration


  • It is helpful for us to have a copy of a recent school report that can be forwarded to the schools that you will be visiting as this will enable the schools to tailor your visit to your child’s age, strengths and interests.
  • After the visits we can arrange for any entrance tests that may be required to be emailed to your child’s current school or a local British Council office.
  • Our unique education service is free and impartial to families and we help you every step of the way until you have accepted an offer at a boarding school.

“Allow your child to experience the sheer joy that comes from the belief that they can succeed, in an environment that offers independence, success, individuality, team work, self-sufficiency, lifetime friendships, confidence and achievement in a wide range of activities”  ...all of this in a safe secure environment and having lots of fun with their friends!!