We were looking for a school for our daughter with what I thought was almost unobtainable criteria however with the help, advice and support of Anderson Education we found an amazing school for our daughter. After presenting us with several schools which fitted the criteria one really stood out. Anderson Education liaised with the school and were in constant contact regarding all processes from initial enquiries to online testing, to arranging a visit to the school. All questions were answered almost immediately and the team were extremely sensitive to our requests. We are now at the end of our search and thanks to Anderson Education we have found what we believe to be an ideal school for our daughter, which I don’t think we would have found without their help. We will definitely ask Anderson Education for their help with placing our son and I am confident that his “criteria” will be met also.


Having been a boarder myself for many years I do understand how children feel about being away from home - however for our daughter it was always going to be a family decision, not one we made for her. It was important for our daughter to do her own research on a school we thought would be suitable and a visit to the school was imperative - I think you know straight away if it’s going to suit your child. Our daughter was blown away by the facilities offered by the school both academically and sporting. Often a boarding school will offer facilities that maybe other mainstream schools do not. You want your child to feel safe and secure where they will be boarding and certainly this was the case for us; a caring, family environment also helps to make that transition from living at home to moving to a boarding school easier and we certainly got that “vibe”. Meeting new people and creating new friends from other countries and cultures is one of the great benefits of boarding. Modern technology allows children and parents to also keep in touch and maybe not seem so far away. I had a largely positive experience at boarding school and I am confident that my daughter will have the same and probably better experience than I did.

Many thanks from two very happy parents and an extremely happy daughter


“We would like to thank Anderson Education very much for their time, effort and most of all for their exceptional moral support and advice whilst choosing a school for our children. Your optimism and encouragement kept us going and helped us tremendously in putting things into perspective. Words cannot express our gratitude.”

The Turner family, Abu Dhabi, UAE


“Anderson Education are supportive, patient and unobtrusive they really listen to what your child's needs are and match the child to the school perfectly! Having to deal with your baby going away is really hard, however, we realised we had to be selfless and Anderson Education helped us make one of our biggest and most difficult decisions easier”

The Pillai family, Doha, Qatar


Your service removes lots of headache from overseas people who are inundated with variety of options but are not knowledgeable about the UK school system.

Thanks, once again and regards, Joel, Sao Paolo


“Anderson Education listened to us, advised us and found a perfect match for our son thank you very much – we could not have done this without you!”

The Harris Family, Muscat, Oman


“We really enjoyed the school visits that you arranged for us; the organisation was perfect and the choice of schools excellent. These people are passionate about what they do, and this is a key milestone to success”.

The Charlton family, Dubai, UAE


"I write to express my most sincere appreciation and thanks for the professional way you and your office supported and guided me during my search for a school for my children. I and the entire family appreciated your patience and constant replies to our messages which has encouraged us through this exciting search which led us to our final choice”.

Mr Njie, Nigeria


"I'd like to say a huge thank you for all the expert advice and guidance that you have provided over the last few months. Without your help the likelihood of finding such an excellent school would not have been possible. It goes without saying that I will always refer parents looking for a school to Anderson Education (and have already done so)"

Mrs Oluwole, Nigeria


“We really enjoyed the school visits that you arranged for us; the organisation was perfect and the choice of schools excellent. These people are passionate about what they do, and this is a key milestone to success”.

The Adi family, Saudi Arabial Saa 


"We do not know how to thank you. You were patient and available to listen to our concerns and provide the right help and on time. Without your invaluable advice and assistance we wouldn't be able to place Alex in a UK Boarding School. Big thanks to Anderson Education  ...I knocked at the right door!”

The Staudhinger family, Kuwait


"The one who did the most in the process of finding the right school for our son was undoubtedly Anderson Education. I really want to thank you for guiding us through this whole process”.

The Ambah family, Dubai, UAE  


“Living overseas, every expat family comes to a point where they need a person with experience such as yours to aid them with their children's future studies. I intend to recommend your services to everyone".

The Hunt family, Abu Dhabi, UAE


"When I started looking for schools for Peter, all the new information was so diverse and overwhelming that it seemed nearly impossible to navigate through. I quickly realized I couldn't do this on my own. I was very lucky to have turned to your company for help, but two months ago when you first replied to my emails, I could have never hoped to be so productive in such a short amount of time".

The Faux family, Muscat, Oman


"I am very grateful for your efforts in helping us, especially arranging the schedule for my school visits. I know that must have been a lot of work and you were always there to answer my questions. Thank you very much for everything you did for us.

Sincerely, Craig, Spain


"I have just received your flyer advertising your next boarding school exhibition and I would just like to say how very helpful you were in finding my son the right boarding school a few years ago. I shall never forget how efficiently you set up all the meetings with the schools for us to help us make the right choice. My son is now through boarding school and at University and I am very grateful for all your help. You are an excellent choice for anyone looking for some expert advice and guidance in finding their child the right school. Many thanks and good luck with the exhibition"

Debbie, mother of ex-boarder, Dubai


"I would like to put in a good word for your wonderful effort and work. I have already started referring you to our friends and will keep on doing so. Thank you Sara & Team

Regards, Ushir"


"Anderson Education helped immensely to find the perfect school for me. Panicking and fretting about admission exams, school tours and everything in between my mum and I were catapulted into a frenzy of dates and times. Sara took time to figure out the right schools for students of my calibre and what I wanted for my future. Without their help I don't know if I would have found the school I am in now; and so my mum and I thank them sincerely"

Shivalika, new boarder from Indonesia


“We visited three schools last week and I'm pleased to say that we unanimously chose Lancing College. We were so impressed with the school, its welcoming ambiance, enthusiastic staff and pupils, facilities and setting, that the decision was easy. It is also easily accessible for my sister and for us arriving at Gatwick or Heathrow".

Morton family, Saudi Arabia


We have accepted a place for our son to start in September. Your help was very useful and I would like to thank you, we would never have looked at some of these schools if you had not given us your assistance.

Mrs Waddington, Forces mum


Sue, I would like to express my appreciation for everything that you and your organisation have done to help me, and particularly my daughter, find a school in the UK. What you do may seem run of the mill to you, but to me the services you provide were a God send and lifted a tremendous burden off my shoulders just when things were "getting heavy".

Finding homes for horses and dogs; packing up house and moving house to a different country after 23 years in the UAE pale into insignificance when compared to the difficulties of finding a boarding school in England that would take a 15 year old! I approached 3 schools where my family had had connections and an involvement over the years and got regaled with "exam boards", course work, moving in the middle of GCSE course; no places in year 11 and a variety of other issues that I did not know existed let alone fully comprehend! I was out of my depth ..... big time!

Then I was introduced to you and you took over the search. In 3 short weeks you had met my daughter, consulted with her Headmaster, profiled the types of school suited to her, sorted out the Exam Boards thing and, most impressive of all, produced results! We had received two offers of places in year 11 at excellent, well established schools!

It may sound trite to say 'leave things to the professionals' but I am glad I did. You and your staff are true and complete professionals. You made the complicated simple, gave us confidence and took one worry off my shoulders at a time when I did not need any additional burdens. I could have asked for nothing more. Your service was exemplary and sets a benchmark by which others should be measured.

With my thanks and best wishes
Nigel, moving from Dubai to Egypt


Dear Sue and SaraI just want to send you a note to say a HUGE thank you to you both; if it had not been for your input I would not have been able to find a school like New Hall for Hanik.

I found that on our recent visit to New Hall that both Hanik and I really liked the school even more and the staff were truly wonderful. The housemistress was really great as she spent the whole day with me and showed me around and told me so much about the routine that I felt Hanik would be happy at this school. The headmistress Mrs Jeffrey was true to her word as she was really generous in awarding Hanik a scholarship and this has enabled us to get through this tough period in our lives.

When we spoke to Hanik in the first week of school, we were so happy to learn that Hanik was taking part in so many extra-curricular activities like astronomy and philosophy as well as all the sports! Hanik is most definitely going to come out of this school a very informed and well balanced individual.

Again we extend our gratitude to you both for all your input.

Thank you and Best Regards
Nisha, Dubai Mother


“Katherine and I leave tomorrow for London and Princess Helena!! We are all so very excited. The school so far has been amazingly helpful kind and patient; the entire experience has been very positive. Keeping everything crossed it continues and Katherine adjusts to her new school and new life!

Marsha, mother of new boarder, Saudi Arabia.


“We could have never done this without your help, I simply cannot express my appreciation enough. From our entire family I would like to thank you very much for everything you provided to us.

Marcello family, Bahrain.


"Without doubt it was the best move we made with regard to his education. I cannot speak highly enough of Milton Abbey, an absolutely first class institution. What I particularly liked was the regular and timely flow of information we received about his progress. He actually got on splendidly with just about every aspect of life there, and managed to enjoy himself into the bargain"

I would like to say a huge thank you for your school recommendations and help during the process of choosing a school for my daughter in the UK. I do not think I would have succeeded in finding such a good school without your guidance”.

Kelly family, Kuwait


Thank you very much; I am extremely grateful to Anderson Education for the help they gave to me to get my boys into a good school. I will make sure I pass my experience to my friends who want to educate their children in the UK.

Thanks so much - John, Uganda


Certainly, you were life savers for me!!!! 

I would just like to say how very grateful I was for all your help and advice on finding a suitable boarding school for my son. Having lived outside the UK for many years I found your guidance and help invaluable and cannot recommend your services more highly to parents. My son has thrived in his new boarding school and I feel that is due to your guidance and knowledge of the schools and also understanding what my son wanted to achieve in locating a UK boarding school to complete his A Levels.

Caron, Spain 


Anderson Education did an excellent job of finding a boarding school for our two daughters aged 14yrs and 16yrs. Following a brief from ourselves and several phone conversations Anderson immediately understood our requirement in terms of type of school and location. Despite a tight time schedule from our side Jane Moore, Sue Anderson and Nikki Harlow put a short list of schools together that met our criteria in very quickly. Within two weeks of the beginning of the process we were on a tour around Britain to visit the schools. Following an intensive week of visits we were able to choose an excellent school that met our requirements in every way.

David, Malta


I must admit words will never tell all the truth of the great help that we have received from Anderson Education; Thank you for the awesome job you did in making my son’s enrolment to UK boarding school simple and joyful, everything turned out so good.

Ibrahim, Saudi Arabia


Thank you for all the efforts you and your team made, you guys are brilliant and very helpful I believe no one should go looking for a school in the UK without speaking to you ...thank you so much!

Haruna , Nigeria


The first school year was pretty awesome for our son, he got five A* and the rest were A’s in his final exams. We are thankful to Anderson Education for the very professional while non-intrusive service they provided during the application process, I would definitely recommend you to other parents ...thank you!
Berezovska, Ukraine


Selecting a boarding school to suit your child is one of the most important decisions a parent can make. Anderson Education provided exceptional guidance and helped us to find a school that we are confident will provide our son with excellent academic instruction as well as develop important life skills. We are extremely pleased with the outcome. Many thanks!

Andrew, Saudi Arabia


Anderson Education were superb when we asked for advice on how to select a boarding school. They consulted us on our wishes, and gently guided us as to the criteria we needed to consider. They then arranged the visits to the schools we had selected. We were on a tight schedule and Anderson education ensured that our visits were well coordinated and feasible. We selected a school from these visits and our children are very happy in their chosen school. The service was impeccable and I would highly recommend them for a stress free life changing decision making process.

Cecily, Germany


Enitoluwafe has greatly enjoyed his first year at boarding school and has settled very well. Working with Anderson Education made the search for a UK school a painless and rewarding experience and I will always refer friends and family who are looking for a UK school for their children without a second thought.

Olayemi, Nigeria


“The UK Boarding School Exhibition is a great starting point if you are considering sending your child to be educated in the U.K. Having reached a stalemate situation with our daughters' education here in Dubai, out of curiosity we visited the exhibition, not daring to think for a minute that we could send our only child to a school back in the U.K. However, after talking to Sue and some of the schools' representatives we knew it was the way forward and went off to the U.K. to visit some schools we thought were suitable for our daughter. Although she only started boarding school in September, we can already see the results, not just academically but in every other aspect of her life also. We have absolutely no regrets with decision we had to take and highly recommend the boarding school route”.

The Turner family, October 2011


“I visited the UK Boarding School Exhibition in Dubai, I didn’t know what to expect but the schools have been so helpful. I’d like to start my school life again, it all looks such fun!”

This is a belated expression of gratitude to your organisation for organising the UK Boarding School Exhibition and providing parents and school children who live in the Gulf part of the world an invaluable opportunity for educational progress. Thanks to your exhibition, my son has secured a place at an excellent boarding school in Devon. Best regards,

Mr Chaou (Oman) Feb 2015