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Specialist Schools

Equestrian Boarding Schools
Equestrian boarding schools have their own ponies and horses, but also offer pupils the option to take their own (well behaved) pony or horse to school with them. All pupils can be involved in stable management and horse welfare including feeding, cleaning and grooming – a fantastic opportunity for any horse lover!

Christian Boarding Schools
Many schools are originally of a religious foundation, which may have an influence on the mission statement. They will have a particular spiritual basis and code, which may be a significant part of the education offered. The UK also has many secular schools, which have no particular religious affinity, to choose from.

Sports Boarding Schools
Sport plays a central role in a school’s mission to support and nurture individual pupils with diverse needs. It helps to develop confidence and provides a physical, technical and mental stimulation and opportunities to develop through teamwork and leadership.

Performing Arts Boarding Schools
Music and drama are delivered through both the curriculum and often through additional activities after lessons and at the weekend. Students are often able to perform in classroom concerts, assemblies and school recital evenings and concerts throughout the year. Students are given opportunities through the curriculum to play a multitude of different instruments as well as the prospect of studying an instrument individually.

Specialist UK Schools
Boarding can be a particularly beneficial experience for a child with special needs. By providing individually-tailored support, students are stretched, supported and challenged within varying levels of he UK there are a number of types of school for different ages and different educational choices.

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