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Forces Boarding Schools

Anderson Education have helped numerous forces families find a UK boarding school that is just right for their child.  With the support of the CEA Allowance boarding school can be a practical and sensible answer to ensure your child is settled and happy at school, even if the family has to move frequently. 

You will have to meet certain criteria to ensure you are eligible for the allowance, the main one is are you likely to move more than 50 miles from your family home within the next four years? If the answer is yes to this question, then it is possible you will be eligible. Before looking at any schools you must register with the Children’s Education and Advisory Service speak with them and explain your circumstances.

Anderson Education will be able to help you with selecting a school for your children.  We look at the ability of the child, their interests and the location you would like and are able to recommend excellent schools with strong boarding communities.  We can make appointments for you to visit and support you through the application process. When you have found a school that is a great fit for your child and they have been offered a place, you must submit your eligibility certificate via JPA. The Army Personnel Centre will contact your commanding officer before going to the Pay and Allowances Casework and complaints cell for final authorisation.

We do warn that the process can take some time and we do advise beginning your school search and application to the CEA as early as possible. You will be required to make a minimum ten per cent contribution to the fees, but many schools will offer support to forces families and ensure it is as easy as possible.  Remember your children’s education is the best investment you can make in their future!

The current CEA is:

CEA rates (from August 2018) Period Cost
CEA(Boarding) – Junior Term £5,845
CEA(Boarding) – Senior Term £7,407


The rates are reviewed in August each year and can be found on the CEA website:

Further information is available


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