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As exams loom

With A levels and GCSE’s about to commence, thousands of young people will be going through a difficult few weeks of worry and revision panic.

It is harder than ever to get into the top universities, every grade in every subject matters.

Ideally you will have compressed all your material into “revision notes” on post cards or mind-maps and you should be reading these repeatedly. You should also practise past exam papers, either on your own or with friends. Working with others is a vastly underutilised resource: if you are struggling to get your head around a topic get together with those friends studying the same subjects as you.

In the exam hall, the first 10 minutes are vital; think about this when you walk into the room. Don’t panic and start writing the moment you get the paper; instead read through all the questions carefully underlining the key words. Analyse the questions fully in all their elements. With essay questions, plan out a structured answer in bullet-points which precisely corresponds to the question and then follow this plan.

It also helps if you make a time plan: allocate an amount of time to each question depending on how many marks it is worth and keep a note of this on your desk. You should refer to it constantly as failing to finish a paper will lose you marks.

Wishing you all many successful exams!

Posted: 05.06.2016

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