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What We Do

We provide families with FREE, impartial, help and guidance on UK Boarding Schools, Summer and Language programmes.

  • We support the families every step of the way through the process of selecting the best school for each child, arranging school visits, the application, entrance test and interview process, we are available at any time to answer your questions and concerns. This is a FREE service to families!
  • Having visited over 350 schools across the UK, identifying what is special and unique about each school and then matching that with the child and family’s needs is key to our success.
  • Through our close collaboration with the schools and organisations such as BBSW, COBIS, BSME, MEA, BBG we are able to keep up to date with the latest education developments.
  • Our aim is to help cut the amount of time the school search can take when looking for the best school for your child, our input of accurate up to date expertise is exceptional and efficient.
  • We draw on our extensive knowledge to provide the know-how and support to solve family concerns and in some cases most challenging problems.
  • We organize UK Boarding School Exhibitions in Dubai and Lagos each year, a Middle East Tour and print and distribute UK Boarding School Directories throughout the Middle East, Nigeria and British Forces worldwide.
School specialist Sara at Aramco
specialists Sue and Sara in Kuwait
Sue Anderson in consultation

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