A very happy mum!


We can tell families about the many benefits, opportunities and experiences that a #ukboardingschool education has to offer; but nothing explains it better than a very happy mum! We met Emma and Ethan in #saudiaarabia in November 2019.

"Our son Ethan started at boarding school in the UK when he entered Year 9 in September 2021 from our family home in the Saudi Arabia. We have been very impressed with the school. Ethan is quite a shy boy so we were nervous if boarding school would work for him, but it has been a success from day 1! A priority for us was to find a school with excellent pastoral care, and I feel Gordonstoun has provided that for him and helped him settle quickly. They have also been excellent at communicating with us with Ethan's progress.


Academically Ethan is thriving. The students have a positive environment and 'credit slip' system which helps reinforce good working practices and a clear understanding of the expectations. He has been really enjoying the curriculum, particularly the sciences and languages and music. He arrived with Grade 5 saxophone and has joined the Concert and Jazz bands and a saxophone quartet which has given him a comfortable place to belong and where he has made good friends.


Ethan is not a sporty boy, but loves the outdoors, camping, hiking etc so the expeditions in the first term were great for him. Overall boarding has been a very positive experience, offering many opportunities that were not available for him at home in the Middle East; his younger sisters are looking forward to joining him to embrace all the wonderful opportunities Gordonstoun offers!

Emma, mum of Ethan, new boarder in 2021