Choosing a school

Added: 2021-04-22   |  Tags: choosing a school, latest
Deciding on a boarding school education for your child is a huge emotional and financial decision. As parents we all want the best for our children including the best possible education to ensure that they achieve their academic potential.
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Added: 2020-10-13   |  Tags: latest, choosing a school, covid
UK Boarding schools were very quick to adapt to the confines of lockdown, providing interesting, innovative and challenging distance learning programmes.
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Added: 2020-07-07   |  Tags: latest, fact file, choosing a school
We offer GCSE, A Levels, and BTEC qualifications and are very proud of students academic achievement here at St Joseph's. For boarders we have a designated International Student Coordinate to monitor boarders' academic progress
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Added: 2020-07-02   |  Tags: latest, choosing a school
In the 70s Dubai was the heart of the wholesale trade routes between the UAE and surrounding regions in Iran, East Africa and the Indian sub-continent - Dubai was booming.
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Added: 2020-06-15   |  Tags: latest, choosing a school
Diane Weir, our Marketing & Education Consultant - British Forces, shares some thoughts about life for Forces families and how our UK boarding schools can support Forces boarders.
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