UK Boarding School Exhibition Nigeria – 11 and 12 March 2016


Our 3rd UK Boarding School Exhibition in Lagos was very successful and we were delighted with the positive response from both the visitors and the UK schools that attended. With a busy and at times demanding schedule our schools had the opportunity to meet with over 120 families during the two days.

"Again a massive thanks for all your hard work in making the Nigeria trip such fun and worthwhile. I REALLY enjoyed it and am very much looking forward to returning in the future." Monkton Combe School.

UK Boarding School Exhibition @ Grange School - Early On the morning of Friday 9 October the delegates of the 18 UK boarding schools travelled to the Grange School to meet with families and talk about their school. 

The evening reception at the Deputy High Commissioners residence provided an opportunity for the UK school delegates to network with influential companies and heads of local schools in Lagos.

The exhibition at The Wheatbaker Hotel on Friday afternoon and Saturday was well attended; on Saturday evening a reception was held for parents of Day Waterman College students.

The next UK Boarding School Exhibition - Nigeria will be held on 11 and 12 March 2016 – please check our website for up to date information.

Posted: 27.10.2015
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