Frequently Asked Questions about Uk Boarding Schools


What do I pay for the education service provided by Anderson Education?
No fees are charged to parents for the school search.

Must children have an excellent academic and behaviour record?
No. Each child's situation is considered carefully to find the most appropriate placement; one in which they will be happy and able to achieve their full potential.

"I cannot thank your enough for all your help, support and patience during the time you assisted us finding a suitable school for Alistair. It made the transition effortless and what we thought would be a minefield of paperwork a walk in the park. I would certainly not hesitate to recommend you to any one thinking of boarding school for their child, as you care almost as much as we do that we get the right placement for the child. Alistair's sister may well be joining him next year as she too was very impressed with the school on our visit. Once again many thanks for all your help." - Regards Angela & Duncan

How good does my child's English have to be?
We can find a course to suit, from beginner to advanced - either as the main study or as a supplement to the academic programme.

How much are boarding school fees?
From £18,000 to £28,000 per year.

What is the best age to send my child to boarding school?
Every child is different, but as a general rule 9 to 13 years. We would say, the earlier the better.

My child has mild Dyslexia, can you help?
Yes, many schools have excellent support for children with learning difficulties.

What is a Guardian?
A guardian family will act on behalf of the parents, providing holiday and weekend accommodation, attend school functions and are available in an emergency. It is a requirement of schools for all parents resident outside the UK to appoint a guardian living in Britain.
Free, impartial information and advice on UK boarding schools from education specialists.
10 and 11 February 2017
Meet Heads and representatives of UK boarding schools, talk to boarding school specialists.
10 and 11 March 2017
Anderson Education, the UK Boarding School Specialists and Mark Brooks Education are working together to ensure that families living and working in Nigeria are receiving the best possible free help and advice in selecting a UK Boarding School or Summer School.
Visiting Garrisons across Germany to meet Forces families and give free and impartial help and guidance.
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