Choosing a UK Boarding School

Although UK boarding schools appear similar when browsing websites or prospectuses, in reality each has a unique quality. This is where we can provide impartial help and guidance.  

The first steps in UK Boarding School selection:

  1. Early planning is advisable; allow at least 18 months
  2. Identify the type of educational environment that would best suit the needs of your child: single sex, co-educational, highly selective or a school for the all-rounder
  3. Special requirements: EFL, Dyslexia, supported learning, medical conditions
  4. Do you require the school to be in any particular area of the UK?
  5. Inform the present school of your intentions; the Principal will be required to write a reference
  6. Have copies of school reports available
  7. Be clear about if and when you are able to visit the schools selected. We advise families to visit three or four schools during term time, to ensure that you see the schools ‘in action'
"My daughter started boarding in the Sixth Form in September 2009, it was her choice and probably the best decision she has ever made! As a mother, the only down side is that she is so busy I never hear from her!" - Sara

What to expect?

Our Education Consultants will:
  • recommend schools for your consideration that will best meet the needs of your child and your family
  • arrange for school prospectuses to be sent to you
  • offer help and advice to you and your family, every step of the way, in making this important decision
  • liaise between you and the schools
"We truly understand what today’s busy, mobile parents need in order to find a compatible school for their children. With an experienced team of professionals, we are able to meet with and get to know our parents personally. This enables us to create a solid foundation for providing the best school recommendations for your consideration”.
Allow your child to experience the sheer joy that comes from the belief that they can succeed, in an environment that offers independence, success, individuality, team work, self sufficiency, lifetime friendships and confidence and achievement in a wide range of activities.
Free, impartial information and advice on UK boarding schools from education specialists.
10 and 11 February 2017
Meet Heads and representatives of UK boarding schools, talk to boarding school specialists.
10 and 11 March 2017
Anderson Education, the UK Boarding School Specialists and Mark Brooks Education are working together to ensure that families living and working in Nigeria are receiving the best possible free help and advice in selecting a UK Boarding School or Summer School.
Visiting Garrisons across Germany to meet Forces families and give free and impartial help and guidance.
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